Presenting at the Ramonat Seminar

Giving my presentation was a truly enjoyable experience. At that point, it was the fifth time I gave my talk in front of an audience, which made the experience much less stressful. Even though I was in the middle of being vaccinated for typhoid fever which was upsetting my stomach, I believed that I pulled off my talk well and fielded the questions thrown at me successfully. I excited that my dad and sister were able to come, and I received a lot of positive feedback from both of them. Fr. Regan also said to me last week that he enjoyed my talk, which made me more confident. At the beginning of the seminar last year, I was concerned that I would stand out and struggle to keep up with the history scholars who surrounded me. I am glad my worries did not come true thanks entirely to all of the feedback I received. In the end, I produced a work that I am truly proud of.

Looking at the class as a whole, I believe that I have become a much better communicator. My long, rambling paragraphs became concise, focused arguments. I performed my first archive research and learned how to use Zotero to manage all of my documents and notes. Dr. Shermer and Ruby also made sure that I always included evidence (especially dates) with my arguments, something that will certainly bolster my writing as I continue. I have no doubt that the lessons which I have learned in this class will give me an edge as I move on to my high-level bioinformatics and sociology classes and eventually graduate school.