Revision Process

The revision process is going well. I am really appreciating the three different viewpoints I received from my three different readers. I would be lying if I said that I was making all of the changes they suggested, however, I am certainly using a majority of the comments in one way or another. I believe that the comments, especially from Dr. Shermer and Ruby, have really improved the historical fluency of my paper.

The most satisfying part of revising is seeing that page count grow. As I insert more stories about Latinx community groups and include more data on churches at the time, I can almost feel my argument growing stronger. I am also looking forward to including some pictures and maps, at Ruby’s suggestion, to make the feelings described in the paper that much more real to the reader. The most frustrating part of revising is keeping my narrative in-tact. When I was writing my draft, it was easy to maintain the narrative flow. Now that I am adding paragraphs while outside of the writing flow, I need to be sure that my wording and transitions allow my additions to fit well.

I have a running list of changes I would like to make to my paper, however, the most work lies in my introduction where I do my overview of gentrification. As it stands, I have a brief overview of gentrification and a larger literature review following. At Dr. Shermer’s suggestion, I will be removing the overview as it is redundant. However, this means that I will need to re-craft my introduction to leave gentrification for later while still allowing my thesis to make sense.